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AA has been recognized as one of the finest quality target shotshells ever developed, continuing the Winchester tradition of legendary excellence with unparalleled target-breaking performance that revolutionized the target shooting and reloading industry.


  • Winchester AA Target ammunition is an excellent, versatile load that works great for trap, sporting clays, and skeet.
  • AA Shotshells feature a high-strength hull providing reliable performance and reloadability along with a specially engineered wad designed to increase pattern performance and reduce recoil for high-volume shooters.
  • The high quality primer and powder ensure reliable ignition while the hard lead shot breaks more clays.


Proven hard shot- tighter, hard-hitting patterns, high strength hull gives reliable performance and excellent reloadability, AA wads specially designed to reduce felt-recoil and improve pattern performance. Primer and powder give consistent, dependable and clean burning.


Winchester .410 2.5 inch 1/2 oz 9 Shot

SKU: WIN/AA/2.5/9
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